Covid-19 Update - Shropshire Tutor

Just a little update from Shropshire Tutor HQ!

What can we offer?

Support from EYFS up to A Level

Currently, we are running weekly zoom sessions for current year 5 children, sitting the 11 Plus in September, which at present is still going ahead o the set date. The zoom sessions we run take place Saturdays 2-4pm. We use the CGP CEM materials and Practice test papers. Papers are sat at home under test conditions, then we discuss, mark and correct and extend and confirm learning in the sessions. Papers and books would need to be purchased before hand. The sessions are led by the children who have sat the paper and concepts they would like to revise. Sessions can be a pay as you go, on a weekly basis.

At present, we are unable to initiate any mocks or lessons on a face to face basis. And, we don’t envisage this happening until at least October half-term. So, if you would like a slot with us, or have frozen your slot please contact us as soon as possible if you would like sessions via zoom.

For current year 4, going into year 5 in September, registers are now open and we are taking bookings as this prep will commence via zoom starting August. We will be using the CGP CEM books via zoom and setting homework tasks.

Myself, and 3 other teachers are currently teaching via zoom. Our little learner lessons for nursery are currently being taught via zoom for Pre-Schoolers ABC Day Nursery Ltd Smiley Faces Day Nursery Tortoise Nursery and Little Owls Nursery

We are also delivering CPD in maths and letters and sounds for local and now international nurseries. in August, we are running parent courses and coursed for child minders.

We have just employed a fantastic teacher who will be joining our team from November. She is already busy preparing lessons and packs to support home study.

We will be looking to appoint a Shrewsbury and Newport based teacher too, to meet current demand and our waiting list.

We have created home study packs for EYFS up to year 6, focused on a broad and balance curriculum, and end of year objectives for each of the year groups.

We have just set up a year 8 weekly zoom class focusing on English, and maths-but being delivered through art, doodling and drawing and pictorial work in maths. This week we had children attend from three different Secondary schools.

We are intending to set up weekly groups for years 5, 6 and 7 where we will focus on English and maths skills/ Plus, other year groups if requested.

We are here to help, if you have any questions please ask, either by phone or our website.