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Services can be paid in the following ways:

  • You can pay online via the Parent Portal site when we send you a request for payment (credit request):
    • Credit or debit card using our integration partner, Stripe. Your account will automatically be updated once payment completes.
  • Bank Transfer. Please contact us for our bank details. It can take upto 7 working days before your account is credited with the amount. Please ensure that you use your customer reference ID in the reference field so we can tie up the payment with your account.
  • Re-occurring card payments. We can set up a re-occurring payment to be made on a set date to your chosen credit or debit card. To set this up, simply call our Customer Services on 0800 689 0193 or email us at info@shropshiretutor.co.uk and we will contact you back to arrange.

We do not charge any fees for credit or debit card processing. We have stopped using Paypal as our Payment Provider due to the costs incurred. If you used to use Paypal to pay for services, please use our Payment Page instead. We do not accept payments by cheque.

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No we don’t. There are no hidden costs in our charges.

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This is a six digit number unique to your account with us.

Log into the Parent Portal, and the 6 digit number is located in the field called ID (remove the comma)

Use this number in the reference field when paying by bank transfer. It will allow us to tie up the payment we receive with your account a lot quicker.

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We will send you a payment reminder via email (credit request) once your account balance with us falls below £30.00. You should top-up your account as soon as you receive the email to keep your account in credit before any further lessons are completed.

Payments can either be made online by credit/debit card or via bank transfer.

Remember, if paying by bank transfer, to use your customer reference ID in the reference field so we can tie up your payment with your account quicker.

Payments made by credit/debit card (via the link we send you in the email) will credit your account straight away. If you pay by any other means, including bank transfer, it can take up to 7 days to credit, so please bear this in mind.

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All payment reminders are sent via email, so please ensure that you have checked your junk folder in your email software, and put our email on your safe email senders list.

Please contact Customer Services on 0800 689 0193 to let us know that you have not received the reminder.

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The cost of setting up direct debits is too costly for us.

If you are worried about missing payments or losing emails, we can set up a recurring payment on a given set date to a nominated credit or debit card so you don’t miss any payments and your account is in credit.

If you’d like this option, please contact our Customer Services on 0800 689 0193 or email info@shropshiretutor.co.uk

There are no hidden charges for using this service and we don’t charge any card fees. You can cancel the recurring payments on the card by contacting us.

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No. All payments need to be made by the payment methods we allow only and never to the tutor themselves. This ensures our admin costs are kept to a minimum and we are able to credit your account promptly; we also (and you) have a record of the transaction.

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We do not offer any discounts.

We believe that we provide an extremely high quality service and the cost of that service reflects that.

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Absolutely not.

The price we quote you is the price you pay.

We do not charge fees for the use of debit or credit cards; we do not charge any travel/fuel costs; we do not charge you for professionally printed materials. Absolutely no hidden charges.

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We don’t.

We expect all our customers to keep their account balance in credit for the duration of all services requested. If you are late in paying, please let us know in advance so we can discuss options.

If you continue to pay late, we will suspend services we offer, or cancel the contract we have with you.

If we cancel the contract we have, you will not be able to come back to us for a minimum of 12 months and only if we have availability.

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We no longer accept the TLC, despite, any advertising you may see from the promotors of this service.

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