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Can I pay for lessons online?

Yes you can.

Once you account balance falls below £30.00 we will send you a credit request which will have a link in the email we send you to top-up your account with.

This ensures that where you have rolling lessons with us each week, your account balance covers the costs of those lessons.

Once a lesson completes, we deduct automatically the cost of the lesson from your account balance.

You can top-up your account balance via:

  • Credit or debit card using our integration partner, Stripe. Your account will automatically be updated once payment completes.
  • Bank Transfer. Payments should be made to: Natwest. Sort code: 60-21-57. Account No. 2708770940. It can take upto 7 working days before your account is credited with the amount. Please ensure that you use your customer reference ID in the reference field so we can tie up the payment with your account.
  • Re-occurring card payments. We can set up a re-occurring payment to be made on a set date to your chosen credit or debit card. To set this up, simply call our Customer Services on 0800 689 0193 or email us at and we will contact you back to arrange.

We do not charge any fees for credit or debit card processing.

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